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To protect and prepare America for the impact of climate change and the largest population migration in our history due to rising sea levels, flooding and increasing temperatures. Sustainable City Project’s mission is to bring together the best people, the latest research and technology, and the most creative city planning and design talent from around the world to build the first sustainable city in the United States from the ground up – starting now!



Millions of Americans will be forced to relocate from their homes by 2100 due to rising sea levels, increased flooding, and rising temperatures; causing loss of land, infrastructure, and water and food resources. Sustainable City Project is organizing the resources and talent required to build new, sustainable cities in strategic locations around the United States to complement the sustainability work being done by existing cities. Existing cities will not be able to absorb and support all the people migrating from our coastal communities. Without new sustainable cities, economic disaster – housing shortages, mass unemployment and crippling inflation – will be the result. Building new sustainable cities will ensure our country’s ability to make a smooth transition through the turmoil we are facing that risks our economic security. At the same time, our work will drive innovation and investment that creates jobs across dozens of industries at every level of employment ensuring sustainable economic growth and renewed prosperity for our citizens for generations to come. Achieving our mission will connect people with economic opportunities and deliver clean water, energy, and food. Sustainable City Project is reimagining how we must live together and interact with our planet not only to adapt to climate change and population migration but to prosper in the face of these challenges.

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Sustainable City Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by David Crane. David is a serial technology entrepreneur who has been working for more than 20 years to reimagine and transform the healthcare industry to be more sustainable and deliver better experiences and outcomes for patients, their families, and care providers. David has experience taking on big challenges, managing complex projects and building world-class teams to achieve measurably transformative results. Now, David is turning his energy, passion, and dedication to build Sustainable City Project (SCP). Together with a global network of experts, creative talent and technology pioneers, SCP will address one of the most critical issues of our time; building new, sustainable cities that will prepare our country for the impact of climate change including sea level rise, the flooding of coastal communities and increasing temperatures causing the largest population migration in our history. Sustainable City Project is actively working to plan, design & build the first sustainable city in the United States from the ground up using world-wide collaborations and competitions.


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The SCPNow Team

  • David Crane
    Founder and Executive Director

Board & Advisors

  • Philip Goetz
    Board Member

  • Rick Diamond
    Board Member

  • Jeffrey Bass, MPA
    Board Member

  • Linda Samuels, PH.D.
    Sam Fox School of Design, Washington University

  • Kris Hartley, PH.D.
    University of Melbourne

  • John Englander
    Englander & Associates

  • Douglas Hinrichs

  • Steven Segerlin, AICP, CTP

  • Billy Grayson
    Urban Land Institute

  • Penny McBride
    Association for Vertical Farming

  • David Pickeral

  • John Woolschlager, Ph.D.
    Florida Gulf Coast University

  • Riki Nishimura, AIA, LEED AP BD C

  • Daniel Beck

  • Brian Goetz
    City of Portsmouth, New Hampshire